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Beach Driving New Smyrna Beach

If you’re curious or unfamiliar with beach driving in New Smyrna Beach this article will help. The zones are fairly simple to view on a map and if you’re interested in New Smyrna Beach real estate on either the drive or non drive beach we’ve provided links for each to assist you in your search. Quickly explained, driving is allow from the jetty on our northernmost end of the beach at the inlet to 27th Avenue. The area south of 27th Avenue all the way to Canaveral National Seashore is a no drive beach in New Smyrna. Here is a short video of the drive portion of New Smyrna Beach.

If the beach driving in New Smyrna looks like a blast and your preference then take a look at drive beach New Smyrna Beach Homes for sale and drive beach New Smyrna Beach Condos for sale. The drive beach is appealing for it’s convenience in pulling your vehicle up with surfboards, chairs, coolers, and grills right to your sitting spot on a beautiful NSB day. The drive beach is friendlier for water sports as well. Surfing in New Smyrna Beach is arugably the most popular pastime of residents and guests. The drive beach is home to Florida’s most consistent surf break, the Inlet. The drive beach also offers a rotating jet ski zone that changes so as not to disturb one area for an extended period of time. Surf fishing is also a bit easier when you have a vehicle to pull and drop off gear at the waters edge (allowed for commercial licenses only).

Non Drive Beach New Smyrna Beach

The non drive beach of New Smyrna Beach is located south of 27th Avenue through the areas of Silver Sands and Bethune Beach (these areas are located within the 32169 zip code but are outside city limits). The non drive beach is appealing to residents and visitors because it does provide a little more privacy in areas although it lacks the convenience of easy access to your beach gear. Some parents find the New Smyrna non drive beach to be a little more child friendly. Although parents do not have to watch for cars, we like to remind visitors you still need to watch your child in and around the ocean. The New Smyrna’s non drive beach extends all the way to beautiful Canaveral National Seashore where the sand begins to change from white powder to orange shelly picturesque sand. The wildlife is abundant in this area and the beach has more of a slope to it on the higher tide. There are far more condos for sale in New Smyrna Beach located on the non drive beach and an abundance of homes for sale in the Silver Sand and Bethune areas of the non drive beach.

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