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View New Smyrna Beach Florida condos for sale. Explore opportunities to own a condo in beautiful New Smyrna Beach.
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When considering real estate in New Smyrna Beach, don’t pass up reviewing condos for sale in the area. Condos can be a lower maintenance form of ownership in the area. Whether you are purchasing as a second home, investment, or primary residence there are a variety of condominium complex options for you to choose from. For example, some condo complexes allow short term rentals, while others do not. This is an important factor to consider in your purchase goals. If you are planning on a condo being your full time or primary residence then a complex that allows short term rentals may not be right for you. During peak seasons, short term rentals mean a high turnover of guests and all that usually comes with the excitement of travelers at the beach. Many condo complexes have a one month minimum rental, which may be more ideal for the full time resident. Another important factor to consider is whether or not you have pets. Pet policies are not always clear in the listing remarks so feel free to contact me for exact policies on any complex you are interested in, or view our pet friendly condo page for condos for sale that allow pets.

Another important factor to consider in a complex is in the form of state bill 154 and 4-d addressing building inspections and reserve requirements. Buildings that are 30 years or older (25 years or older if within 3 miles of the coast i.e. beachside NSB) after July 1 2022 must pass a milestone inspection prior to December of 2024. Reserves must also be in place for major deferred maintenance projects. For more details visit the Florida State Senate bill text and history.

When purchasing a condo in New Smyrna Beach and elsewhere in Florida, you are entitled to a full review of condo documents including budget and reserves, as well as deferred maintenance schedule if available.

High rise condos along New Smyrna Beach
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