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Choosing a REALTOR® in New Smyrna Beach

Searching for the right New Smyrna Beach Realtors ® for your buying or selling needs is just as important as the real estate itself. A key factor in choosing from a large variety of New Smyrna Beach Realtors ® is knowledge of the local New Smyrna Beach real estate market, as well as the cities that surround NSB within Volusia County. Typically a New Smyrna Beach Realtors ® also services Edgewater, Oak Hill, Samsula, Port Orange, and areas of Daytona Beach.  Because our local area has so much to offer, it’s no surprise that real estate agents from all over the country seek to relocate to New Smyrna Beach and begin practicing in the area. There’s a lot to learn about New Smyrna Beach and it takes more than a few years and vacations to realize that there’s a whole lot more to the culture of our little beach town than just preservation and sales. Only a handful of licensed New Smyrna Beach Realtors ® were actually born here and have a complete understanding of the changes that have taken place over the years and the development of different market areas. Buying and selling real estate in an ever changing beachside community is about more than just knowing what’s happening in the now, it’s about what’s happened in the past and how it changed the community.

Family of New Smyrna Beach Realtors ®

We love our traveling public, but some events from our past can’t simply be Googled. They can only be recounted from first-hand experience. New Smyrna Beach Realtors ® must obviously hold themselves accountable for knowledge regarding policies and procedures within Florida, but what about changes to the different areas that aren’t readily observable at the current real estate market status. I speak with a little bias because I am a third generation New Smyrna Beach local and a second generation New Smyrna Beach REALTOR. My grandparents were Oak Hill natives and beachside New Smyrna natives, and both my parents were born and raised on beachside, as were my sister and I. My father who is also a licensed REALTOR grew up in Central Beach New Smyrna, while my mother grew up in North Beach. Back then, Minorca condo did not exist nor did the majority of beachside condos. In the 70’s NSB saw a huge boom in condo development, and per usual there were a lot of residents against it. Federal environmental agencies, put a lot of pressure on beach driving in the 90’s and it nearly changed the culture of NSB entirely. The size of New Smyrna Beach has played a huge role in development over the years. Beachside is by definition an island, as is the North Causeway, soon to be known as Coronado Shores. As is true with any island, there is a lot of wildlife and outdoor activities.

The bottom line is make sure to choose New Smyrna Beach Realtors ®  that know the area, the values and the changes that have occurred over the years. I entered the real estate field after several years of working in business to business sales. My love for NSB is something I want to share with everyone who visits and lives here. I take pride in a non aggressive sales approach and understand that real estate sales can be an emotional experience for buyers and sellers. Being a REALTOR is about acting in the best interest of buyers and sellers, not about forcing a product on a customer. Let’s find what works for you.

Work With Lindsey
Lindsey Baldwin is a 4th generation New Smyrna Beach native and local business owner. She prides herself in making sure her customers are educated about the local real estate markets, zoning restrictions, flood zones, and future land uses. She loves helping new residents feel at home and get acquainted with all New Smyrna Beach has to offer.
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