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My name is Lindsey Baldwin, I am a former professional surfer and currently a Realtor® in New Smyrna Beach. I also own a surf school that specializes in private and small group surfing lessons called Surfin’ NSB. Becoming a professional surfer takes years of hard work, practice, and probably most important, access to consistent surf conditions. I was fortunate to grow up in a town that not only has the most consistent surf spot in Florida but also a fire for competition. Whether you want New Smyrna Beach to be the place you raise your children to be surfers, or the place you want to retire and surf every day, it’s a playground for kids and adults alike.

We have a unique situation in NSB, that can at times be a headache for the long time locals and dedicated surfers. Because our inlet is so consistent and reliable we have days where you would swear there’s a least one person from every town in Florida in the lineup, beginners to professional. I should clarify when I use the word professional I am referring to surfers who have competed on either the ASP World Qualifying Series as a profession or the World Championship Tour. I do not consider a surfer “professional” that enters into an event with a cash prize, there is no seeding or qualifying involved in that type of event. You enter, you pay, and you’re in. Moving on…those frustrating days surfing New Smyrna Beach inlet aren’t always the days when the surf is best. In fact, they are the days that the online surf reports forecast to be the best and out of towners planned to take off work and flocked for that predicted day. In all actuality the locals score it better on the off days when Surfline has it in “blue”, i.e. poor conditions, when the surf is sometimes at its best with only the locals on it. These are the days we treasure.

I’m guilty of complaining about the crowds as is every local in the lineup, but when those days come when no one is out and it’s 150 times better than the hyped up hurricane swell all over the internet it makes laughing at the crowded days much easier. One of the reasons I got into real estate is that I love showing people the house or condo of their dreams and making that dream a reality. If you really want to surf everyday, it can be done. In no way is this post meant to tell every man, woman, and child in Orlando to move to NSB for the waves but if you’re a dedicated surfer that can no longer handle the weekend warrior status, it’s probably the best place in Florida for you. Now again, a lot of locals would not be pleased with me saying that, “you’ll crowd the lineup even more by promoting people to move to NSB!!” I can hear it now…but that’s just not the case. What I’m saying is that as a resident you have more options. Most home buyers looking on beachside are successful in some way because the price point deems it necessary, and rentals are scarce. Therefore, they still work and will surf at different hours during the day and not always on the best tide. Every NSB local isn’t going to hit the water at the same time…ever. We have a population half the size of San Clemente, California and I’ve surfed Lower Trestles with 5 people out and really really fun…so settle down to the local who is reading this thinking my promotions may contribute to the crowd issue. The full time population would literally have to double before we saw the effects which I’m pretty sure I will not achieve from this single post. If I did, I would have made enough money to retire and I’d be in Fiji anyway 🙂

The point of this rant, is just to say if you’re looking to be more than a fair weather surfer, it can be done. New Smyrna Beach has become a town of professionals from surfers to engineers to mortgage brokers. You will get your uncrowded surf sessions but you can’t continue on the Surfline forecast path…start a life on the check the waves yourself path. And hopefully…you’ll call me to sell you your dream house in Floridian surfers paradise. Use either the detailed or quick property search to find your home in the sun.

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