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Is New Smyrna Beach open?

Is New Smyrna Beach open? The beach in New Smyrna Beach is currently open to exercise activity only. All public parking areas are closed. Beach patrons may engage in the exercise activities listed below, and yes Beach Safety is enforcing. Although fishing is on the list of permitted activities, Volusia County is well aware of…

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Beach Driving New Smyrna

Beach Driving New Smyrna Beach If you’re curious or unfamiliar with beach driving in New Smyrna Beach this article will help. The zones are fairly simple to view on a map and if you’re interested in New Smyrna Beach real estate on either the drive or non drive beach we’ve provided links for each to…

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El Niño Woes

I think it’s only fair to write a post about El Niño, which has been a part of our 2015 in review, and will be, through at least November according to weather experts. Not only does it significantly effect the surf but it also, in a way, impacts real estate. For the west coast of…

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Real Estate Humor

Every now and then I like to get a laugh out of the silly things posted in listings, or seen in the photos of a property. It’s important to have a well worded and descriptive listing, as well as quality photos. Here’s a little video from the Ellen Show proving the importance of quality MLS…

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Surfing New Smyrna Beach

My name is Lindsey Baldwin, I am a former professional surfer and currently a Realtor® in New Smyrna Beach. I also own a surf school that specializes in private and small group surfing lessons called Surfin’ NSB. Becoming a professional surfer takes years of hard work, practice, and probably most important, access to consistent surf…

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